Our Solution Based Truck Products

Minimizer products are Tested & Tortured™ for the toughest people in the toughest industry

Minimizer is the aftermarket solution for the heavy truck industry, whether you’re a driver, owner/operator, fleet manager or technician.

We invented the poly fender, but didn’t stop there. Innovation is the name of our game. Over the last three decades, we’ve released custom molded floor matsslick plateswork benchestool caddies, and our newest products – the Long Haul Series of heavy duty truck seats and mattresses.

All of our products are available nationally thanks to a world-class distribution system. Whether you’re in Miami or Vancouver, you can find Minimizer because thousands of distributors across the U.S., Mexico and Canada stock our products.

At Minimizer, ‘Tested & Tortured’ is more than just a motto … it’s standard operating procedure. Our strenuous product testing determines whether a potential product will be stamped with the industry’s ONLY lifetime guarantee.

With 30-plus years of experience and over a million units sold (most still in service today), Minimizer products are proven where it matters most: on semi-trucks and trailers just like yours.

Premier Manufacturing’s patented technologies have created the best trailer components around

As our 100th birthday approaches, Premier Manufacturing isn’t slowing down.  We continue to design, manufacture, and distribute the best trailer components on the market.

We offer numerous patented technologies across several product lines, including couplings / pintle hitches, drawbar eyes, front end assemblies, hinge assemblies, and dolly jacks.

We are driven by customer needs, so whether you deal in heavy-duty, medium-duty or light-duty applications, you will find a selection of options in our full range of trucking trailer components.

Customer success is what drives our business, and we take this seriously. We are a customer-oriented, solutions-based company. You deserve the best quality and safest products for your business, and we continue to design and develop products that define these values.

Our experience, customer and sales support, engineering expertise, and overall professionalism contribute to our reputation as an industry leader.

Any way you look at it, we’re pulling for your success.

High Bar Brands

High Bar Brands

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