Step 1: Layouts

Step 2: Pricing

Figure it out on your own:

      Or ask Finance for assistance:

      Step 3: Customer

      TM provides customer with:

      • Layout(s)
      • Purchasing Options: Pricing or OE dealer brochure part number
      • Any additional fees (ex. plate fee or tooling if applicable)

      TM receives customer approval of layouts.


      Step 4: Acumatica Part #

      TM fills out Step 4 tab Acumatica Part # Form on Training Site:

      Production replies all with Acumatica part numbers (replying all will include and finance).

      Marketing will add item #’s to layout. Then emails back to Production.

      Finance will input pricing and if new plate, then add pop up note on item card in Acumatica.


      Step 5: PO

      TM provides customer with Acumatica part numbers.

      • If aftermarket distributor, TM provides PO to Customer Service.
      • If OE program, PO will be submitted through EDI or portal.


      Step 6: Order Confirmation & Order Plates

      CSR enters order and provides order confirmation.  If new plate is required, then CSR will enter plate line item on the order.

      Marketing will order plates, if new plate is required.

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