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  • Do we need separate W-9 forms for each location?
    • No, you do not need a separate form for each location.  The same legal entity covers both locations.
  • After January 1st, do any remaining unpaid invoices for Minimizer and Premier still have to be paid to their old names, or are all outstanding items required to be paid to the new name?
    • We will accept payments under the old or the new name for a short time.
  • Going forward will there be a combined statement for both companies?
    • Combined statements.  Please note that invoices will be based on shipments and not orders.  May receive 2 invoices if shipping from OR & MN and/or if the order is partially shipped/split.


  • Do we need to provide a new po for an order already placed with Minimizer or Premier?
    • No HBB will not require a new po, but your receiving team may require it.  Therefore, we are going to do our best to resend order confirmations for pending orders that will include the new part number system and company entity.


    • We restructured our pricing as part of our integration of Minimizer & Premier Mfg.
    • Pricing is based on many variables.  You will need to discuss all pricing with your Territory Manager.


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